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British Congress on TVCEI

The 3rd British Congress on Medicine and Spirituality with the theme "Bridging Medicine and Spirituality" will be held this weekend, November 5 and 6, in London - England. Organised by the British Union of Spiritist Societies ( and the International Medical Spiritist Association (, this congress brings together clinical and research specialists from around the world to debate their experiences with the application of spirituality in the medical field.

For those who cannot be present for this event, all lectures will be broadcast simultaneously by the TV CEI ( - look for chanell 8 - this Saturday (10:30AM) and Sunday (9:30AM) London time (UTC). For interested viewers in Canada and US, please note that due to the return of standard time this weekend, the local time will be affected. For example, for those in Eastern Time zone, the broadcast will start at 6:30AM on Saturday and 4:30AM on Sunday.