Happy Birthday TSS

Jose Mussi

Dear friends,
Seven years ago a small group of idealistic Spiritists came together with the desire to join forces and promote in this beautiful land the wonderful lessons of our dear Doctrine. It was a humble beginning, just like so many other Spiritist groups around the world that follow the simple guidelines given to us by Allan Kardec over a century ago.

And so the Toronto Spiritist Society (TSS) was born, in a small office in downtown Toronto. I look back fondly to that time, where everything was new, challenging but exciting. Our fraternal vision brought us all the motivation we needed and created a kind, comforting environment that became the hallmark of our small corner in this large country.

The years have passed by quickly and so many people have come and gone, but the TSS has continued to grow, slowly but surely. We have a new home, more activities and a many more volunteers that make the TSS our home, a safe harbor for our questions, our troubles and our afflictions. It is where we come to learn what we need most, to share and build our ideas, to strengthen our love for one another and seed our love for charity.

In a recent communication, Mother Agnes, the spiritual guide of the TSS, explained this very well when she assured us:

“Dear brothers and sisters of our TSS, we will be here with you all the time. Unite yourself, hold your hands, never forget that you alone achieve nothing, but that united you will be firm and strong as the rock of this house. That is why the dialog, the exchange of information has never been so needed. Remember my beloved children that the web that is well woven cannot be broken and the string that weaves is the string of love, is the string of understanding, it is the string of tolerance, of mutual respect, and of agreement.”

And what a beautiful web we have woven together.

Let’s us celebrate this date with joy and let’s not forget that this is an eternal journey we have signed up for. Never allow us to lose the lightness, happiness and open hearts that we bring to our spiritual home every time we are here or when we participate together in our many activities.

Thank you for being part of the TSS and making it such a special place.

God Bless you all.

Jose Mussi
President, TSS