Leon Denis

All the powers of the soul are confined in three words – to will – to know – and to love.

To will, that is to converge all the activity, all the energy toward the aim to be attained, and to develop will power and direct it.

To know, because without profound study – without the acquaintance of things and laws, the thought and the will can lose themselves in the midst of forces they seek to conquer, and the elements they aspire to command.

But above all it is important to love, for without love, will and science will be incomplete and often sterile.

Love illuminates them – fertilizes them, and increases their resources a hundredfold. It is not here a question of love which contemplates without action, but of that which employs itself in spreading truth and goodness in the world.

Life on earth is a conflict between good and evil forces. The duty of every virile soul is to take part in the combat, and with all its powers alert, to aid those who struggle in obscurity.

The noblest use one can make of his faculties is to work toward the enlarging and developing of the sense of beauty and being in this human society, which has its ugly features, but which is rich with magnificent promises.

These promises will be transformed into living realities the day when humanity learns to communicate, by thought and heart, with the center of love which is the splendor of God.

Love, then, with all the power of your heart!