Permanent Tolerance

Divaldo Pereira Franco
By the Spirit: 
Joanna de Ângelis

To be tolerant to the faults of others is to acknowledge our own weakness thrown back to us through the mistakes of others. We must understand that everybody needs a chance for self-renewal. Tolerance also dispenses with the harsh criticism that poses as friendly help.

Tolerance is a feeling of brotherhood. Even when it is not easily noticed, it is there, latent within everybody, everywhere, awaiting a favourable opportunity to express itself. Tolerance is calm and natural; fraternal and gentle; It springs from one’s heart like limpid water that quenches one’s thirst. It is generous; It forgets offence easily and tries to help the offender. Tolerance is an act of love and charity.

A person’s moral development is measured by the degree of tolerance he or she is able to grant to the errors and limitations of others. There is not a single person in the world who never makes mistakes; this is the reason why we need to be tolerant to one another.

Tolerance pacifies the offender and helps him or her to grow spiritually while opening up areas of sympathy for the tolerant person. Tolerance is a child of superior feelings and reveals the wisdom of reason.