Personal Problems

Francisco Cândido Xavier
By the Spirit: 
André Luiz

Living faith is not transferable property.
It is a personal conquest.

Legitimate happiness is not merchandise that can be borrowed.
It is an inner realization.

Grace does not descend from heaven at random.
It has to be earned.

The best charity is not that which is done by substitutes.
We must perform it ourselves.

Moral strength is not the result of others pleading for us.
It comes from our own effort to take stand on the side of goodness.

Steadfast hope does not dwell firmly in our hearts by mere contagion.
It is the offspring of higher understanding.

Real love is not born from the shadows of desire,
It is a crystalline and inexhaustible fountain of the eternal spirit.

True knowledge is not the achievement of but a few days.
It is the work of time.

Paradise will never be acquired by astute bargaining.
It is attainable through our good will in avoiding the purgatory or hell of our own conscience.

The protection of the Higher Planes is an unquestionable fact for all of us who still move within the shadows.
Woe to us, however, if we do not seek the blessings of enlightenment!