Spiritist Organizations

This page contains links to the various international and Canadian Spiritist organizations


International Spiritist Council

The International Spiritist Council (ISC) is an organisation resulting from the union, on a world-wide scale, of the Associations representative of the National Spiritist Movements.
It was founded on November, 28th 1992 in Madrid (Spain).


The first webtv site dedicated to Spiritism. It contains a vast on-line program of lectures, interviews and courses.


The official publishing site for a large collection of Spiritist books and DVDs in many languages.

Canada (national)

Canadian Spiritist Council

The CSC was specifically organized and empowered to: promote solidarity and fraternal union of the Canadian Spiritist Institutions, and the unification of the Spiritist Movement; promote the study, diffusion, and practice of the Spiritism in Canada according to its principles and postulates, and in all its fundamental scientific, philosofical, religious, ethical, and moral aspects; promote the practice of spiritual and material charity, in the light of the Spiritism; and represent the Spiritist Movement of Canada.

Vancouver, BC

Allan Kardec Vancouver Society (AKCS)
4595 8th AVE W, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6R 2A4

Toronto, ON

Joanna de Angelis - Spiritist Study Group (JASSG)
1357 B Dundas Street West, Toronto - ON - M6J 1X4
Phone: 416-532-7896
email: info@joannadeangelis.ca

Rest on the Way
1268 St. Clair Ave. West, 2nd Floor, Toronto - ON - M6E 1B9
email: restontheway@yahoo.ca

Toronto Spiritist Society
261 Gerrard St East (backdoor entrance)
Phone: 647-496-8010
email: info@torontospiritistsociety.org

Mississauga, ON

Christian Spiritist Centre
5280 Fallingbrook Drive, Mississauga - ON - L5V 1N8
Phone: 905-814-7730

Montreal, QC

Centre d'Études Spirites Fraternité (CESF)
5573, Rue de Verdun, Verdun QC H4H 1L2
email: fraternite@cesf.ca

Centre Spirite Justice, Amour et Charité (JAC)
5079 A, rue Ragueneau, St-Léonard, Montréal, Quebec H1R 1G3
Phone: 514-324-1747
email: centrejac@yahoo.ca

Mensageiros de Luz e Paz
3877 Rue Monselet, Montreal, QC H1H 2C2
Phone: 514-328-3901
email: centroluzepaz@hotmail.com

Quebec City, QC

Centre d'étude Allan Kardec
Paix et Amour Joanna de Ângelis
3019, rue de la Rochelle
Ste Foy, Québec - G1W 2B3

United States

United States Spiritist Council

Founded on November 15, 1997, the United States Spiritist Council was created to promote the union of the U.S. Spiritist organizations and the unification of the Spiritist Movement in the U.S. We welcome all visitors to our website and invite Spiritist organizations to join the USSC. This way, counting on each other’s help and support, the task of disseminating the Spiritist Doctrine will be shared by all.

The United States Spiritist Council will devote its best efforts to bring together the Spiritist community in the U.S. in our common objective to disseminate the Spiritist Doctrine in this country.

United Kingdom

British Union of Spiritist Societies

Established in 1994, the British Union of Spiritist Societies (BUSS) is a registered charity in the UK dedicated to:
* Planning and implementing activities with the aim to integrate and unify the Spiritist Societies in the UK.
* Promoting charity actions and doing all such other things incidental to the attainment of said objects.