Your Book

Francisco Cândido Xavier
By the Spirit: 

Your life on Earth is the book you are writing...

Each day is a page...
Each hour is a statement of your personality in the form of people and situations that reach you.

Do not lose the opportunity to compose an odyssey of love around your name.
Good works are phrases of light you address to humankind.

In each reply to others, in each gesture towards your neighbours, in each manifestation of your opinion, you write the history of your passage with eternal ink.

In every impression you make on others, the book of your treasures stands up.

Death is the great collector of the sparse pages of a biography written by yourself about the lives surrounding you.

Do not despise the presence of indulgence on the way the Lord gave you to cross.

Build up an area of love around your own heart, because only love is sufficiently wise and strong to teach you how to write your individual story as a helpful textbook of hope to those following you.
And the book of your life will turn into a poem of happiness and a treasure of blessings.