Emotional Stability

Emotional stability is attained through inner conviction. This conviction results from our trust in our faith and the ideas we profess. This is what gives us a sense of security. It reflects our firm spiritual belief and helps us to keep a stable balanced attitude regardless of the problems we must face along our evolutionary path.

Try Loving

If you feel sad and tired of your day-to-day troubles, wrestling with all sorts of sorrows, try loving. If your load seems too heavy to bear, when you feel lonely within a crowd, when you are beaten by adversity and it seems as if you were entangled in a hopeless maze of insanity, try loving.

Learn with Nature

The sun shines from on high, in order to help everyone.

The stars group themselves in order.

The sky has its timetable for light and of darkness.

The plant abandons the dark hole, although it continues to be linked to the soil, in search of light so that it may produce.

The branch that survives the storm yields to its passage, nevertheless it remains in its own place.

The rock guarantees the life of the valley, by resigning itself to solitude.

The river reaches its goal because it has learned to flow around obstacles.


"So I find this law at work: when I want to do good, evil is right there with me”
Paul ( Romans, 7;21)

The sincere disciples of the Gospel, as described by Paul of Tarsus, encounter enormous conflicts in their own being.

As a rule, they confront enormous difficulties in their testimonies. In the precise instance that they wish to reveal the presence of the Divine Companion in their heart, one word and one momentary attitude betrays them before their very conscience, indicating the persistence of prior weaknesses.

Be well advised

Learn to admonish yourself before life admonishes you.
If your problem is overeating put this written inscription on the table before your eyes: