The Company of Love

Divaldo Pereira Franco
By the Spirit: 
Joanna de Ângelis

If you love you are never alone. Love and knowledge are treasures the more you share, the more you have. Nobody who loves, or teaches, suffers from want. Love is like a crystal mirror; it reflects both lover and life.

Love is responsive; you are the first one to benefit each time you send out a vibration of love. As far as love is concerned, you must give in order to receive.

Love is our most precious investment; it pacifies and ensures joy and peace. Love does not complain, does not impose. It is patient and promising.

Love is freedom; it allows us to choose how we prefer to work out our spiritual evolution. If we choose suffering as a tool of learning and submit ourselves to the natural laws of life, our attitude may encourage others to do likewise and start their own ascent.

Never be afraid of loving; if petty obstacles threatens to restrain your resolutions, brush them aside and move on.