God is the obvious invisible

Francisco Cândido Xavier
By the Spirit: 

A tale says there was an illiterate Arabian man who prayed every night with so much fervor, and with so much tenderness that once the rich chief of a big caravan asked him:

Why do you pray with so much faith? How do you know God exists, if you cannot even read?

Sir, I know about the existence of our celestial Father because of His signal.

What do you mean? Asked the chief, surprised.

The humble servant explained:

When you get a letter from someone who is far away, how do you know who wrote it?

By the handwriting. He answered.

And when you admire a jewel, how do you know who made it?

By the marks of the goldsmith, of course.

The servant smiled and said:

When you hear the footsteps of an animal walking around your tent, how do you know if it was a camel, a sheep, a horse or a bull?
By its footprints, answered the chief, surprised.

The old believer took him outside the tent, and showing him the sky, where the moon shone surrounded by millions of stars, he exclaimed, respectfully:

Sir, those signals up there, they cannot be made by man!

At that point, the proud caravan guide gave in to the evidences, and at the same moment, under the silver moonlight, started to pray as well.

* * *

God, even if invisible to our eyes, leaves us the most different forms of signals: the morning, which comes calm and silent...
The heat of the sun that warms up all beings and allows life to exist...

The rain that wets the grass, runs into the river beds and refreshes the hot sands of lonely beaches...

God's signals are in the lush green pastures that feed the cattle... In the stubborn life of the dry hinterland under the scorching summer...

We can find God's signals in the blooming fields of all continents... and in the bird's song which wakes up the dawn...
God's signals can also be seen in the nights embroidered with stars and in the storms that clean the atmosphere with their purifying rays...

* * *

It is worth remembering that men's workmanship is signed so that we will not get confused about who the author is. God's workmanship is not signed because He is the only one who can make it, no one else is capable of doing it.

That is why God does not need to write His name on a tag and put it in each field that exists, because He is the only one capable of creating them.

There is no workmanship without an author, everything that is not man's work, must be God's.

As the great French poet, Victor Hugo, once said: God is the obvious invisible.

* * *