The Spiritist Center

Francisco Cândido Xavier
By the Spirit: 

The Spiritist center, even the simplest one, is a temple of mind renewal towards a superior life.

Its practitioners and attendees should not forget about the dignity of the task received and the elevation of their ministry.
In this regard, it is always lamentable to doubt the divine essence of each task performed therein.

This type of organization provides us with stimuli to boost our will to know, to illuminate, to contribute, to create and to help. Those will come from some act of love or of sympathy of our spirit, not yet polished, which we left in the past in the dark past that we had not rescued.

The Spiritist house is a school where we may learn and teach, sow goodness and receive blessings, bettering ourselves and others in the eternal harvest.

When the doors of the Spiritist temple open, the divine light lightens up in the darkness of human ignorance. Good rays of this star of fraternity and knowledge, which shines to community goodness, provides individuals that approach it, even if they don’t want a better life.